Q Initiative, A Bitcoin Successor? | Forbes France

Initiative Q requires some digital information, which many Internet users share without problem with many companies, some of which use much lower privacy policies   Although it is always important to think carefully about any financial decision that is proposed, a company can not exist as a pyramid system without

Paris Photo, Paris Chéri | Forbes France

Payram       There is talk of exile, since Payram left Iran in 1983, driven out by the Iranian Revolution. It is mainly a question of meaning – the sight of course, but also the touch, the sense of smell – constrained by the absence, the lacks related to

Could Apple Make Us The Service To Remove iTunes? | Forbes France

iTunes    All this on iTunes     You could not even copy or burn a CD. Now we can buy music, series, movies, apps and more.  When it came out, the iTunes icon came with a CD and music notes applied on it. When the CDs became obsolete, Apple got

Stanford LEAD: Can This Online Training Replace An MBA? | Forbes France

What is the Stanford LEAD program?       What is the Stanford LEAD program? LEAD is an acronym that corresponds to Learn, Engage, Accelerate, Disrupt . His promise? Teach new concepts and develop leadership skills in contact with the faculty, wherever you are on the planet. It is meant