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How can I improve my relationship with the bank?

Banks are companies present in the lives of all people and this relationship has become increasingly intense, as we get used to the new services offered by banks, such as internet banking, for example.

In addition, banks are also important in saving or investing money to achieve our dreams. In this context, maintaining a good relationship is the best way to get the best rates for those banking services you use.

Here are some tips for building a good relationship with the bank and maintaining a quieter financial life:

know your rights and Duties


The first step to have a good relationship with your bank is to know your rights and duties. Read carefully the contracts you sign with the institution and whenever you have questions, ask. Knowing what fees may or may not be charged, their value, free services and deadlines for each transaction, you will not be surprised and will know how the bank can act to help you in certain situations, such as when you need extra credit.

Since the relationship with the bank is always two-way street, it is also very important to know your duties and honor them, so that you are as good as customers and are valued.

Avoid switching banks frequently

Avoid switching banks frequently

Choose your bank and, if possible, stay true to it. Older customers have better rates, both for payment of debits and for investments. This is because, for the bank, any lending or saving operation offers some risk that is part of the composition of interest rates. These rates are measured, among other things, by the likelihood that one of the parties will not comply with the agreed agreement, whether for payment of debts or for the withdrawal term of any money invested.

If you are a customer that always meets the deadlines, the bank will have your registered history and you will know that you are trustworthy, that it offers few risks to the institution, and therefore you can count on more advantageous interest rates in your negotiations.

Know your media

Know your media

Knowing the means of communication with your bank is important to establish a dialogue when problems arise. Today, most banks have online and telephone service channels, in addition to the agencies. Knowing your options you can choose the most convenient way to talk to the bank and you can solve everything as quickly as possible. Many people end up dragging the problems by not finding time to go to the bank to solve them, when in fact they could do it by phone or by email.

Solve problems as they appear

Always go in search of a solution when any problem of relationship with the bank appears, when questions arise or when you can not fulfill your obligations. Once you know you can not pay a debt, for example, let the bank know and seek a good deal for both parties. Thus, you avoid the accumulation of interest and do not default in the institution, which will be aware of your situation.

The same goes for issues with charges that you believe are undue in your account: once you identify them, contact the bank to find out where they came from before proceeding to stricter measures. Often it may just be a mistake that can be undone with a quick chat!


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