Mini dosed pill vs. micro dosed pill: what are the differences?

The dosage of the mini-dosed pill is special, since you will have a platelet of 21 tablets a month. You will need to take the first pill on the first day of your period, thinking of reporting this day. It will indeed be the only day you can start your next pads. With a daily intake around the same hours, the mini-dosed pill will have 21 taken. After stopping, your periods will start (the tablet stops for 7 days). After this stop, you will start taking the medicine again. Be aware that some platelets are sold by 28, but in this case, the last 7 tablets are actually placebo (so as not to disturb your rhythm setting).


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The micro dosed pill is different and otherwise simpler; a pack contains 28 pills, which you will need to take each day from the first day of your period. As for the mini dosed pill, you will need to start a new pack that same day.

Know also that there is no difference in price between the pills micro dosed and mini dosed. Their prices range in fact from € 10 to € 35 for 3 months, knowing that the Social Security only reimburses 65% of some pills. To think before buying your contraceptive pill !

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What advantages?



The oestro-progestative pill, so mini dosed pill, has many advantages over its micro sister. It is indeed very well tolerated in most cases, and aims to make the period of the rules as difficult as possible. It reduces the pain, makes it less abundant, and tends to decrease the duration of the period of menstruation. As we have seen, by its dosage, the cycles are very regular since it is directly the tablet that triggers the rules. In fact, it stops the period of menstruation. In this way, the micro dose pill is said to be reversible, that is to say that you will find a return to your normal cycles when the drug stops.

The micro-dosed pill, on the other hand, is often well tolerated and retains the same property of reversibility, but it does not have the same effect on the period of rules as such. The pains are not necessarily diminished, just as it does not affect the abundance of the rules.

What are the disadvantages?



If the mini-dose pill has so many advantages, what interest, then, to prefer his sister? In fact, the main difference between a mini-pill and a micro-dose pill is medical compatibility. The first is contraindicated with tobacco and increases the risk of blood clots, thus increasing the risk of cardiovascular events. The second contraceptive pill, on the other hand, is not refractory to tobacco and does not entail any detectable medical risk.

The two contraceptive pills, however, have the same disadvantages, namely that they can cause weight gain, water retention, acne, and hair problems (slight hair loss).

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