Olympique Lyonnais Digital Strategy – Interview With David Banget, Digital Director | Forbes France

Sending the right message to the right person at the right time


David Banget : The saying goes: “sending the right message to the right person at the right time” is always the guideline for good digital communication. This is the foundation of our strategy.

The day-to-day complexity comes from the significant increase in our activities and brands (OL, Groupama Stadium, OL City) since the opening of our new stadium in January 2016, the multiplication and technical specifics of the broadcast media and the diversification of our B2C and B2B customers / fans . For all these reasons, we have set up an organization meeting the 3 pillars:

1 / Work the right message

We work in close collaboration with the content producers who are mainly the Communication, Marketing and editorial staff.

To optimize our emailing campaigns or our social networking posts, we regularly implement A / B Testing to broadcast the most relevant and effective content possible.

We regularly measure the performance and effectiveness of our publications for continuous improvement.

Working on the form of the message is also a key point on which we can support the professions: computer graphics, webdesign, video, landing pages , formatting rich content, stories …

2 / Send it to the right person:

Our social networks: we communicate daily via twenty different accounts but especially via Twitter , Facebook & Instagram.

Our websites: ol.fr, groupama-stadium.com & olentreprises.com are our 3 main editorial sites for the general public and businesses. Two other web channels allow us to communicate with our communities of shareholders and investors. Finally, 2 e-commerce sites Ticket and Merchandising market all our derivatives, events and experiences within the stadium.

Our mobile applications: 2 mobile applications are available to our fans and embed editorial content, Groupama Stadium to enrich and simplify the life of the spectator when he comes to the stadium and OL to allow fans to learn and follow the news of the Club .

Of online campaigns: a team dedicated to deploying campaigns audience acquisition and gain notoriety around our products, our services, and events. In this case, we use third-party platforms ( Google , media sites, Linkedin …) to communicate.

Push campaigns (email / sms / notifications app): We have equipped our CRM platform with tools to send emails, push mobile applications and SMS based on a segmented marketing targeting strategy.


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3 / Send it at the right time:

On each medium, the team is responsible for a dissemination schedule to control marketing pressure.

Via the emailing channel, we test tools to send the message at the best time for the user.

Our digital communication work is also about choosing the right broadcast channel for a particular target and working on that same target to get the widest possible communication: grow our web audiences, our app downloads, our social networking communities and our CRM database.

What Olympique Lyonnais did the social media actions that generated the most noise? The most profitable?

David Banget : We currently have 5 million fans distributed worldwide and mainly animate daily our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts (OL, OL Women, OL eSports, Groupama Stadium). Social networks are for us a means of communication, a business lever for our ticketing, merchandising and a source of revenue by the visibility given to our partners.

Our day-to-day work involves developing our audiences and engaging our communities as much as possible. Many indicators are regularly monitored, including the reach of our posts that identify the most viewed content recently

On Twitter, the post “emojis” featuring Lions trapping the Besiktas eagle. Tweeted a few minutes after eliminating the Turkish team, a response to the opposing supporters who had increased the pressure all week before the match by tweeting their eagle and chambering Olympique Lyonnais. The reach has also increased thanks to the supporters of other Turkish clubs fervent opponents of the Besiktas club.


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On Instagram, a photo of the Olympique Lyonnais players, young, club-trained players who have been world champions 2018. #AcademyOL




On the sidelines of partner posts that remain the most profitable, auto-promos business posts that bounce on sports news in the day or day after match are very effective. Our fans also buy OL products more easily after the publication of content featuring our players (wearing an OL accessory or promoting a match). Note also that the audience of some social networks is more suited to receive messages on specific products: the sale of video games for example with FIFA 19 works very well via the Stories SnapChat and Instagram.

What is the place of the supporters in the digital strategy?

David Banget : All our roadmaps are powered by internal trades and our supporters. They communicate with us in different ways: via social networks, via customer service that records about 12,000 interactions / month or through regular satisfaction surveys. All of these feeds are centralized in Salesforce and feed our thoughts of optimizing the customer experience.

In what way is OL an innovative club on digital?

David Banget : An innovative club is a creative and innovative club. From these two points of view, OL innovates on the digital around several axes:

Creativity implemented to deploy a structured digital organization with:

A team dedicated to the Digital Fan Experience working on the optimization of our interfaces and user experience on our websites and mobile applications in close connection with the business and IT department.

An internal marketing / digital communication agency that makes every effort to develop and engage our audiences, generate business and qualified leads for our sales people.

A team dedicated to our CRM and Data Marketing strategy by regularly imagining new levers for collections, imagining new paths for our customers and accompanying the business on the analysis of these data.

The innovative aspect around the launch of various products such as our application Groupama Stadium dedicated to the in-stadia experience (replay videos, delivery instead, dematerialized ticket …), a first in France or our loyalty program MYOL backed to the same RFID payment system in-stadia and within our shops.

The innovative aspect around Data: we have a dedicated team that starts working with the sportsman, to also set up scorings , aggregates for a better marketing and commercial segmentation.


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What are the tools used by Olympique Lyonnais’ digital team ( analysis , listening, publishing, reporting , advertising, CRM, internal social network …)?

David Banget : After having recruited experts around the 3 poles put in place, we have benchmarked the tools of the market to meet our needs.

To drive our optimization actions for the Digital Fan Experience web & mobile, we mainly use Google Analytics, Follow Analytics & AB Tasty . We perform a lot of A / B tests on our e-commerce sites and more and more recordings sessions to better understand the behavior of our users.

The internal marketing / digital communication agency uses all social media platforms to communicate and deploy our ads. We are also working with actors like Google Adwords or Lengow to feed advertising platforms with our OL products. To analyze, promote our publications or social networks, we mainly use platform analytics but also tools like Meltwater, Talkwalker, Crowd Tangle or KPMG’s FootballBenchmark .

The CRM & Data Marketing team uses Salesforce solutions on a daily basis and regularly deploys new data collection and enrichment tools ( OptinCollect, Kompass …). Most of our dashboards are built within Salesforce which has been adopted by all business and operational teams and mainly Marketing, Customer Service and Sales.

In the margins, the DSI has deployed the entire Microsoft Office 365 suite to allow us to better collaborate internally.