Tips for Choosing Your Mutual Health

Everyone needs to heal at some point. Some low-value medical expenses may be incurred. But sometimes, the costs incurred because of a medical intervention are much larger. It is true that Social Security pays part of these costs. But you must subscribe to a mutual health , for the reimbursement of the rest of the costs incurred. However, mutual health insurance is plethoric. It is often difficult to know which one to choose. Some advice is not too much to know how to choose a mutual health .

Define your needs

Knowing your true health needs will greatly help you choose your health insurance plan . Ask about the type of benefits you often use. Do you have frequent appointments with an ophthalmologist or a physiotherapist? Do your children have any asthma or allergy problems that require regular consultation? By asking the right questions, you will avoid having to spend money on care you do not need.

Do research on the mutual health insurance

During your research, you will find a particular mutual that seems to meet your expectations. This is a good thing ! Because it means that you are progressing and that your research is becoming more precise. But this is not enough to allow you to subscribe immediately with this mutual.

Choosing your mutual health insurance involves taking care to do thorough research about the structure.

Gather information about his financial capabilities. Are its numbers red, or is it good economic growth? Are there any rumors of dismissal of several workers? Should the structure be subject to a tax adjustment?

In addition, make sure that the mutual health insurance is registered with the Organization for the register of intermediaries in insurance ( ORIAS ).

Are you asking for opinions of people insured by the mutual

This is useful for choosing your mutual health . Ask the people who have benefited from the insurance of the mutual.

Find out about their satisfaction with the services offered by the insurance structure. Is it a mutual insurance company that listens to the needs of the insured? Are repayment times reasonable? … All these questions will help you make the right choice.