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Spiral balance”, “anchor”, “cog”



These words transport you to the magic of watchmaking? Unless they plunge you into an abyss of perplexity, and arouse in you the desire to decipher the mysteries of this enigmatic universe that is watchmaking? Soon, the operation of a mechanical timepiece will have no secret for you!
When two passionate watchmakers meet, it gives … ” Passion Watchmaking “.

The concept?

To introduce enthusiasts, whether they are beginners or enlightened amateurs, to the world of watchmaking. It’s been 7 years since enthusiasts took part in these workshops, during which they disassemble, clean and reassemble a mechanical movement. To discover without losing time!

Orange Free State: a fragrance from waste!


No, it’s not about household waste! Free State of Orange and Ogilvy launch the first fragrance from perfume waste, in response to excessive consumption and daily waste. The result is convincing: a fragrance between floral notes and fruity notes, slightly woody. The somewhat provocative slogan: ” I’m Trash, The Flowers of Waste ” Free State of Orange and Ogilvy have bet on the modernity of reuse in the luxury industry. That opens up beautiful prospects! As Stephen de Swardt, the founder of the Free State of Orange, rightly says, ” miasma can reflect the beautiful and the good. Our waste still has a lot of meaning to redistill. In the end, a very delicate perfume that contrasts with the brutality of the name.

WOW Air lands in Vancouver


A date to note now: June 6, 2019. It is at this time that WOW Air will open its new line to Vancouver. The transatlantic low-cost airline continues its expansion across the Atlantic with this link that will be provided until the end of October. The opportunity to (re) discover this unique destination in Canada, with its temperate climate, its proximity to the mountains and the ocean, and its quality of life: Vancouver has been the most ecological city in the country. A green and soothing city where life is good. With 5 to 6 flights per week aboard an Airbus A321neo, and a super attractive rate, we are planning a summer stay in Vancouver today!
Price: from € 129.99 one way

Bagatelle London, the new trendy address in Mayfair



After New York, Miami, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Rio, Saint Barthelemy, Punta del Este, and Ibiza … Bagatelle exports its successful concept – launched by Aymeric Clemente and Remi Laba in 2008 – in London connected to Mayfair. Head to 34 Dover Street, which will become ” the place to be “, to enjoy fine cuisine in a festive atmosphere. Upstairs, gourmet and festive atmosphere, in the basement felted lounge bar and refined cocktails. In the kitchen, Dale Osborne – passed by the Orrery or the Aqua Shard – which offers a menu totally “fitting” with the spirit of the House, mix of Mediterranean flavors worked with exceptional English products. A place that boasts the joy of living and the festive spirit.

LIBRA: An intimate and cozy place


The journey begins as soon as you pass the door of LIBRA . An intimate and cozy place on a human scale, decorated with turquoise cushions and works of art brought back from Iran. A canopy allows you to contemplate from the room what is cooking in the kitchen. In the kitchen, the chef, Sayeh Zomorrodi , first came from Iran to study architecture in Paris, where she directed for three years an art gallery, before embarking on gastronomy . A way to return to the sources by combining in his recipes the cuisine of his country and his French influences. Change of scenery guaranteed with dishes in the purest Iranian tradition, or classics revisited according to the inspiration of the Cheff. An authentic and warm place to meet friends or face to face.