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Established in 1998 Tencent is a group specializing in activities and services on the Internet. Instant messaging, private auction site, social network, online games … He is mainly known for launching the application WeChat, an application that now has over a billion users in the world … Forgive the little .



Xiaomi founded in 2010 is inspired by Apple , just look at the design of their products. Like its American counterpart, the Chinese group offers mobile phones, but it also manufactures televisions, connected objects … If you want a glimpse of the “firepower” of Xiaomi, a single figure will enlighten you: this company – which is only 8 years old – has sold in 2018 no less than 100 million smartphones . Xiaomi has today started its development and physical implantation in France .

BATX growth levers:


The potential for autarchy, censorship and blocking international rivals.

According to a report revealed on August 20, 2018 by the Chinese government, the Internet is global, but mostly Chinese . Almost a quarter of the world’s Internet users are Chinese, more than 800 million people. In comparison, in the United States, another country known for its strong online presence, US Internet users are “only” 300 million.

One of the specificities of BATX – apart from their legendary ability to copy the best – is that they develop their power by relying on levers for the least particular. These nation-businesses in the Chinese nation – even beyond the language – have major assets. Not only do they have considerable national consumer potential, but in addition they are supported by state rules and served by censorship: many services other than Chinese services are simply prohibited and blocked.

Everyone will understand that this facilitates at least the development of an activity. As for circumventing the great virtual wall, you will learn, if you do not already know, that to date, the Internet control device in China is considered the largest and most advanced in the world. The Chinese Big Fire Wall – the Great Wall of China Internet version – is not fantasy and is extremely effective.

Do we want a world reconfigured (according to their wishes) by a BATXGAFAMI global governance?


Without taking into consideration the countries that are aiming to transform the Internet into a kind of national intranet, as Iran has undertaken since 2016 to make the Internet ” a national information network “, GAFAMI and BATX raise many questions.

  • When one observes the power of the BATX of China, on one side, and that of GAFAMI on the other side of the world, is the Internet not splitting in two in an inexorable way?
  • Another question – which calls for a response from “politicians” and nations that claim to be democratic – is more worrying. Indeed, if we accept the fact that the nation-companies already have a major influence on our world, if we accept the postulate that they appear (GAFAMI side) less and less under the control of the nations, when the way in which these nation-companies can interact with each other, is there a way in which Google defies the values of freedom of expression in favor of market shares, is it not material, if not is to worry, at least to think about the world we want tomorrow? What will be the continuation of our human history if nations are excluded and capitulate to strictly financial agreements that trample fundamental democratic values such as freedom of expression and freedom of access to information? Are GAFAMI and BATX called to shape the world according to their only vision?
  • If GAFAMI seem to be able to do without more and more “politics” and nations, if the BATX seem to enjoy a blank check of their supervisory authorities, what will happen if the governments of the nations of the “free world” capitulate where they can still act? If such a scenario occurred, then we would only have to rename our world. A world under the world governance of the nation-companies, could not it take the name of “BATXGAFAMI”?

Of course, we are not there. But at this stage of domination revealing nation-businesses with limitless appetites, the last question of this article is not “but what does the police do? But what do the nations do? “.

In 2018, we can only see that money and power are rising and glorified values in the West by powers in place and men like Donald Trump and many others. Also, is it not urgent to remember collectively that these values alone are unfit and insufficient to defend in the long run democratic configurations?