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All this on iTunes



You could not even copy or burn a CD. Now we can buy music, series, movies, apps and more. 

When it came out, the iTunes icon came with a CD and music notes applied on it. When the CDs became obsolete, Apple got rid of the illustration of the CD and replaced it with a circle with a musical note. It may seem odd because the software covered more than music at the time. They also kept the name ” iTunes” . Words are important.   Just as phoning is no longer the primary function of an iPhone , the iTunes name can also be confusing.

Although it is confusing, there is a bigger problem. It is very difficult to browse iTunes . The organization of its content is not intuitive. I tried to watch “Planet of the Apps” and I never did it. This is not a scornful remark about the quality of the content , it was very difficult to find this series.

“Planet of the Apps”


is a show broadcast on Apple Music, Apple ‘s streaming service designed to compete with Spotify . If you’re looking for the TV Series category to watch ” Planet of the Apps” , you’ll only find a preview of the pilot episode. You will have to go to the Music category of iTunes to watch the season. It does not mean anything.

You can not tinker with a store to turn it into a multimedia library and then hope it works the first time. Stacking a streaming music service on all this mess can only make things worse, and it ‘s not the first time Apple has done this (get started with Ping) .

This is a real problem and in the industry this is called a technical debt. Software developers take time-saving shortcuts and these shortcuts add up.   And when technical debts are so bad that they impact the user experience, there is a problem.

iTunes reached an inflection point years ago. Apple did not do anything and the user experience has dropped since. Apple needs to start over. There is a real debate about splitting iTunes into a series of different applications depending on the content. however, this would make its use much simpler. Broadcasting podcasts and renting movies are two very different things, which is why they deserve software that reflects it.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine Apple doing anything about iTunes 


They can not turn around anymore. If they divide iTunes into several applications, they would have to be able to assume them all. It would probably cost less than keeping iTunes as, but it’s a challenge.

Apple’s inaction suggests that improving the iTunes experience would not be beneficial. This is surprising, however, considering that their competitors continue to grow. If we rely solely on movies, Apple’s dominance has gone from 20% to 35% since 2012. And after a $ 1 billion investment in series and movies, Apple should take care of this problem.

Unlike Amazon and Netflix , Apple has the advantage of owning its operating system. It is the point of contact for many users of its competitors when they are on the internet or when they turn on their TV. Apple should take advantage of this advantage by distributing content in a convincing way.

Apple, Amazon and Netflix are the new ABC, NBC and CBS


Netflix has a budget of $ 7 billion. Amazon’s is $ 4.5 billion and HBO has a budget of $ 2 billion, but they still offer their own content and will continue to do so. Apple has a large capital to invest in this market with a $ 261.5 billion war chest. Why not start working on modern software to broadcast content?



Apple is more focused on iOS and AppleTV but iTunes is still part of the Apple ecosystem. Before offering successful movies or series, Apple can improve the user experience on each platform. And if it must go through the disappearance of iTunes and the creation of an application that has not already been launched during the era of Napster . .. Good!